Digital Dirt

In today’s society digital dirt is becoming more and more prevalent. It is being used to turn friends against each other, to get children in trouble with their parents, blackmail, and Student getting in trouble with adminstration. I have personal experienced this with my parents… days after my surgery a picture was put on facebook of me standing on a counter, little did i know my mom looked at it minutes later and I got an angry phone call. I got in a lot of trouble with my parents. Another example is facebook and people and employers being able to look at your pictures and what you might have been partaking in on the weekends or on your own time. A picture found on facebook:!/photo.php?pid=31326333&op=2&o=global&view=global&subj=1226700165&id=1125271047 shows a girl enjoying a night with a beer and hanging out with friends. Her manager from dicks sporting good emailed her to tell her she needed to watch what she was putting on facebook because it could affect her employment. So digital dirt is something that can easily affect anyone.  One night of fun that you thought no one would know about can turn into a loss job, friend, or even worse. So watch what you are putting on facebook or out on the internet because it could come back and bite you in the butt. Rule of thumb if you don’t want your mother to see it don’t put it up.


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Events on Campus.

Here at Georgia southern university i have attended many different events on campus. I have been to many shows like the vagina monologues to multiple sporting events. I would have to say the Georgia southern offers a lot for student to go and learn and experience different types of events all over campus whether it be educational, to watch a sports game, or to release and have some fun. I went to almost of the basketball games for both men and women. I would go with a big group of friends and watch and support our school. We even painted up for one of the bigger games against firman. I also have attended a lot of the baseball games. As far as shows and speakers i have gone to several speakers whether it was for a class that i had to go listen to or because it sounded interesting. Some of the on campus fun i have been to have included canoeing on the lake in front of lakeside, different events that my CL host, to free food, and the earth day fair out in front of Russel union. All in all i have found many things to do here on campus so i wouldn’t be bored and through these event i have ment a lot of new and intresting people.

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These podcast have to do with soccer and the english permier league. It talks about resent news in the soccer world. he gives us details on games and what players are up to what. He gives scores and How well teams are doing in there bracets. Tells us about how well teams are looking and how they might do during the season. He also tells us when games are and what certain out comes will mean to the league. I dont really think that i like the podcast or at least from this guy he stops a lot and doesnt have a constant flow. He knows what he is talking about though. I dont think that i would listen to podcast on my own time i would rather listen to music then to someone talking. I wish they were shorter and to the point. It reminds me of a talk shows and i dont really care for them.

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O twitter

From twitter i have found it to lead to some very intresting topics and youtube videos that were cool and intresting. I dont how much i will use it after this class but its fun looking at what people are doing and looking at everyday. I definatly feel a little creepy some times look at other peoples post that i dont know very well. Other then that i think it is a very use full tool out there on the internet to find different and intresting facts or news. And also to see what your friends and family are up to.

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All about me

My name. Caitlin Barth

I like sports. i play soccer.

I am a female

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